Project Description

“It meant the world to me. It’s not often enough that I feel like a true American; by that I mean a patriot for humanity, one who is active in fighting for equality and freedom. We are a nation born out of protest and those traditions of refusing to accept tyranny and demand equality should be in the heart of every true American. The idea being that any human being can be an American. I am now dedicated to continue being active in these pursuits and inspire others to do so as well.”
Stephen Davis

We The People


Stephen Davis
Ashley Figurelli
Ryden Harriott
Ashley Davis
Nicholas Nocera
Spencer Mustine
Laura Desimone
Emily Weller
Eva Provenzale McVey
Earth Jallow
Alec Miser
Cassy Patterson
Ethan Perfect
Eva Perfect


Capitol Square [65 E. State Street]


We The People