Project Description

““Rest In Power—Sarah Grossman” is the mural I did at Bonobos on High Street in the Short North. I did this piece because a fellow activist friend of mine called me up and asked if anyone did a mural on her yet…I asked around and even went downtown and drove up and down high but did not see any. It felt weird not mentioning Sarah since she was an activist and protesting in Columbus when she was sprayed with gas and passed away shortly afterwards. At first I wanted to do a whole piece on the importance of lungs and how they (the police) shouldn’t be able to caught off our breathe…breathe=life. However, her autopsy has not been completed yet and thus the facts aren’t fully there that she passed away because of police violence—making that connection so soon wouldn’t be right or fair for her family. Instead I decided to amplify the things she loved—her favorite colors, plants/flowers, and moon—in order to honor her life as a local protester and activist. ”
Julia Barrett

Rest in Power


Julia Barrett


Bonobos [883 N High Street]