Project Description

“‘Say Their Names’ is a mural I did at the 934 Gallery. I asked a few local artists and friends if they would join me in painting or spread the word to other artists and this resulted in over 30 people participating in painting (including random people who stopped their cars/bikes/feet to come up and paint). This mural is based off of another series I did back in 2018 of faces of those lost from gun violence. I wanted to honor the victims of police brutality by having fun colors blocked in then by drawing their faces on top to remember their lives in a bright and positive way even though they ended in very dark and cynical ways. Their names, ages and cities were added to exemplify the fact that they were real people. Although there is a major seriousness to the way they were killed, I do want their beautiful souls to be remembered, I don’t want their lights to be turned off, after all: they were human—they aren’t a black and white scenario and aren’t just tools to use during a debate.”
Julia Barrett

Say Their Names


Julia Barrett
et. al


934 Gallery [934 Cleveland Avenue]